In most staffing companies, 60% of the recruiter’s time is spent sorting through resumes and finding candidates from job boards. Outsourcing the entire recruitment process or even some of the recruitment processes has shown to increase productivity and save time. In addition to this, recruitment process outsourcing helps reduce operational complexities, cost and risk. When done right, it proves to be a strategic advantage by recruiting the right talent for the organization.

Network Objects has already helped many firms realize the benefits of Recruitment process outsourcing. These firms include Corporate HR departments of Fortune 500 companies, Staffing Firms, Consulting Companies across various domains like Information Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Pharmaceutical and Health Care verticals.

For each position, Network Objects’s RPO services team will analyze your requirement and source the right candidate for the job, thus ensuring a perfect match between job and job seeker.

We strongly believe in transforming the client’s recruitment process from an administrative function to a strategic advantage.

Our team of recruiters have built an expertise to help you

  • Source candidates from job boards, networking sites like Linkedin, Google groups and internal resume management systems
  • Identify candidates for interviews
  • Response handling
  • Get Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete signed before interview
  • Negotiate Rates, Employment contracts, Benefits, Taxes, etc.
  • Submission of qualified resumes
  • Sign contract for services
  • Passive candidate research
  • Candidate database maintenance
  • Skills testing