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50% costs savings through strategic ‘Lean Process’ management solution

Solutions - Product management, cloud ops


Client was facing huge drain on financial resources - approximately $15 Million investment for the project over 3 years. The customer was currently employing a high-end hardware system for the execution of the project and was looking to cut costs drastically for better ROI.

Our solution

A strategic plan was devised and presented to the customer that proposed replacing the high-end (IMB) hardware with a lesser expensive (Cisco) hardware system that was equally efficient and also more adaptable and scalable. VMWare ESX hosts (virtual machines) were used to replace and reduce non-production server costs.

Business impact

By implementing lean process strategy and increase efficiency, the customer was able to reduce $7 Million in costs or 50% savings in operations expenses.

We are a group of IT professionals with several years of combined experience working with leading IT companies and have been in operation for over a decade.