Healthcare & Pharma

Advanced analytics helps specialists collaborate real-time

Solutions - Process management, mobility solutions, data analytics and reporting, UX/UI, CMS, payment gateway


Specialist doctors need to collaborate and need instant references to help in accurate diagnostics. Patient appointments scheduling, frequent visits, payment and other interactions were demanding and time-consuming and cost intensive for patients.

Our solution

NeuroDoc - A customised portal that facilitated neuro physicians collaboration and simplified patient doctor interactions. It was a repository of thousands of case studies across India and worldwide that could be was organised to help doctors with on-demand references. The portal also enhanced patient doctor interaction and simplified administration tasks.

Business impact
  • High-end analytics and data cataloging enables on-demand and accurate case study references
  • Increased efficiency - automated appointment scheduling, video consultations, online test reports and results
  • Enhanced doctor-patient interaction
  • Online payment gateway

We are a group of IT professionals with several years of combined experience working with leading IT companies and have been in operation for over a decade.