Healthcare & Pharma

Digitizing and automating payer records helps save 80 hours/day and over $15,000/month.

Solutions - Automation, process management, data analytics and reporting, cloud ops, UX/UI, CMS


A medical diagonstics lab based in Las Vegas, NV, was losing time and money, manually entering and verifying payer eligibility for every single claim, every single time. They were looking for a solution that would help drastically cut man hours and increase authenticity and visibility into the verification process.

Our solution

After researching and studying the modalities of the client’s operation, we devised a solution that not just automated the claim process but helped store all records digitally on SQL database. The digitally stored information can be pulled at a touch of a command and is available throughout the client network. Customized information reports could be generated on demand through an extremely user-friendly interface, increasing both visibility and efficiency simultaneously.

Our solution automated the process of checking health insurance claims and eligibility information on all major Government and Private insurance payer portals. Built on 3 tier model, it can run multiple user login accounts and deliver multiple web-scraping services simultaneously.

Business impact
  • Instant review of paid and unpaid claims for each payer
  • Eligibility information in hand prior to the date of appointment
  • Simultaneous and multiple access in LAN
  • Customized reports in EXCEL/PDF formats

We are a group of IT professionals with several years of combined experience working with leading IT companies and have been in operation for over a decade.