Cost efficiency in Millions achieved through smart infrastructure management

Solutions - Infrastructure management, process management, data analytics


Client was incurring huge costs in annual license renewals for enterprise applications, impacting ROI and bottom-lines, especially in an economic scenario where the IT industry was already facing reduced projects and revenue losses.

Our solution

Client had been using expensive technologies and applications which was draining resources. With strategic planning, research and redesigning, we were able to suggest and implement changes in the infrastructure and process, replacing some high-end captive technologies with open-source technologies, which not just brought down licensing costs, but matched and even increased overall efficiency.

Business impact

By suggesting and integrating open- source technologies in place of certain high-end technologies, we were able to help the client bring down 5 year cost from 110 Million to 45 Million for a certain process and an additional saving of 5 million for 3 years in process redesign.

We are a group of IT professionals with several years of combined experience working with leading IT companies and have been in operation for over a decade.