Best-in-class solution streamlines educational institution process efficiency

Solutions - Automation, process management, data analytics and reporting, cloud ops, UX/UI, CMS, security solutions


A top educational institution found itself unable to keep up with schedules; the institute, faculty and students were constantly struggling against course completion, tests and submissions timelines, impacting overall efficiency

Our solution

An all-encompassing process management solution had to be devised that streamlined processes and increased efficiency for the institute, the faculty and students. The solution integrated advanced data analytics, CMS and data management systems technologies to provide a portal that addressed multiple needs of different audiences yet integrated to provide comprehensive efficiency.

Institute –Manage multiple institutions, manage course and tests content for faculty, automated student’s performance analytics

Faculty – Content management system for course/tests content, automated student’s performance analytics

Student – Self performance analysis reports, content management for question bank, reading material, help window

Business impact
  • More efficient and accurate appraisal process - On-demand reports on Students performance, Peer comparison and results evaluation on multiple parameters and combinations, Students able to access data on performance for self appraisal
  • On-demand accessibility - Multi location accessibility of all data from remote central location
  • Efficient and higher quality testing - Ability to generate test questions randomly with predefined conditions from a central database

We are a group of IT professionals with several years of combined experience working with leading IT companies and have been in operation for over a decade.